Obsessive thoughts

Why do I get so obsessed? So, with everything that’s been going on, I have been doing pretty well 🙂 I have been completely off meds for quite a while now and I have been coping quite well. I have my moments, but I also have great people around me to help and support me – I am one of the lucky ones 🙂 I obsess over things. This isn’t something that I’m coping with alone – my husband knows I do it – he often realised it before I do! My mum picks me up on it too – it’s good – they notice and try to help. The problem is, no one can help them stop. They are amazing – they understand me and help me deal with it, but no one can stop it. To be honest, I don’t know whether I want it to stop – yes I am doing that!

We are decorating at the moment. I can’t get decorating and doing the place up out of my head. It’s constantly there. What can I paint, what can I look up, what can I buy? On a good note, my obsessiveness did mean that I learnt to cut and put skirting boards up and it does mean we are getting everything done quickly! I imagine this is a bit like what it’s like to be on speed when I’m in one of these zones! I could be totally wrong though! So, I know that it’s taking over my life, I know I can’t think of anything else and I really want it to be done so that my head will stop and I can relax again! We haven’t got much more to do so I should be ok soon, but it’s just so weird. I will soon be obsessing over something else – it’s constant and so so tiring. I want a day off – in my head. I want my head to forget about it for one day. I’m sure my husband does too lol every day I have a new task! I’ll get there, I know. I know it’s a good sign that I recognise it, I just need to get better at dealing with it. Any ideas are welcome 🙂 xx

One thought on “Obsessive thoughts

  1. For me, medication has been the only way to slow mine down. Rapid speech and obsessive thinking are characteristics of bipolar. They don’t ever just stop, for me. It can get difficult. 😦 I hope you are able to find your solution.

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