Group therapy and psychiatrists! 

So… last week was the first of three group therapy sessions. I didn’t think it would go well and guess what… it didn’t! It’s not for me – that’s all I can say and I honestly don’t think it will help me in any way at all. It took everything inside me not to stand up shouting ‘this is bollocks’! Please excuse me language but that is honestly, exactly how I felt at the time! It seems that others in there felt exactly the same! Needless to say, I won’t be returning. 

Today was my psycho doc meeting – I have now learnt that he’s a psychiatrist – weirdly no one ever actually explained that. He’s the psycho doc to me! I told him how these tables had made me put on two and a half stone in four months and that I was more snappy and irritable than I have ever been. After chatting a bit (about a load of rubbish) he agreed to change my tablets. So now, I change my tablets and I wait to see what these ones do – fingers crossed they will just keep me normal! Back to the old ‘only time will tell’! I’ll keep you updated…

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