Trying to be ‘normal’ 

It’s really hard to write a post about being mental when you’re trying so hard to be normal! I had a bad couple of weeks. I can honestly say that at times I truly did not want to be on this planet. I’m feeling better now. 

After a fight to see the doctor he finally changed my tablets and I really am starting to feel better which is great! The doctor still has no clue who I am and I had a call to ask why I didn’t turn up to my appointment. The same appointment that the doctor changed my tablets and gave me a letter to take to my go. I had proof that I’d been. They just have no idea who I am. It’s hard because I have to trust these people with my brain – my thoughts, my processes. Scary when they can’t remember seeing you. Anyway – I’m getting over that now! 

So, I’ve bought a motorbike and a new car. When I say new, it’s old lol but hey it’s new for me! I’m sure this is a mood disorder problem of mine. I have had about 20 cats in ten years – I go through stages of wanting speed then wanting sensible. Anyway, I’ve given up my 2.4 Audi for a sensible 1.6 sport ka! Bit different I know. I tried not to change my car even though I was itching too because I am sure that this is part of my ‘problem’ then I figured that I’m not hurting anyone by doing it and it’ll make me feel better, if only for a couple of hours! And it has! Maybe even a couple of days!! 

So, I don’t know what’s going on with me at the minute. I’m still waiting to find out about therapy and stuff, about three months on, we shall see what they come up with! 

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