Less than a week till I see the doc!

So, it’s less than a week till I next see the psycho docs. I wonder what they’ll have in store for me. It’s at this appointment that they will set into place what therapy I need and hopefully give me a firmer diagnosis of what type of bipolar I have. I presume it’s type one having done my research but hey I’m not a doctor so I shall see. I’d like for a lesser diagnosis – I don’t really know why though. Either way, I’m crazy and I need meds to keep me sane, so what does it really matter? 

I’m rather nervous about my next appointment. I feel like I have been a thousand people since my last one. I’ve been calm, I’ve been severely depressed and I’ve been kind of normal me. I still don’t know if me feeling normal is good. I secretly hope that they’ll get me back to that calm stage where I felt a little number. Life was a lot easier back in that phase. The funniest thing is I don’t normally change personality so flippantly really, but these meds seem to make me more of a flipper! I can be happy then instantly depressed – it’s crazy. I’m not so irritable really but I do still get a little anxious and I still feel more down than my normal self. I wonder what they’ll say about that??

Well, less than a week to go – hopefully it’ll be good news – not that I’m sure there is any good news that can come from this. We shall see! 


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