Forgetfulness and Bipolar

How common with bipolar is it to forget things? This is what I have been asking google lately! Less than a week ago I walked out of my house and completely forgot to pick up my keys which I needed to get into my car and also back into my house upon my return. In the whole time I’ve owned a set of keys (probably about 16-17 years), I have never ever done this. After much chaos and help from my favourite people, I managed to get back in to get them. 

The same day I was driving home knowing that I needed to get petrol. Next thing I knew, I had driven straight past the petrol station, was on a busy A road and ran out of petrol. Now this isn’t something that is completely out of the ordinary to me. There have been numerous occasions in the past where I have run out of petrol, mainly because I didn’t have the money and just crossed my fingers that I’d make it! I’m yet to know whether that’s the bipolar in me or just me! Anyway, this time was different. I had the money for the petrol, I had the intention of getting the petrol, I just simply… forgot. After the key issue that morning and now this, I was finding this was a bit strange. 

So, let’s get to three days later. I went into town to do a bit of shopping with my daughter. As I was walking back up towards the car I realised – I had no car keys. After re tracking my steps and getting hot and flustered, I retrieved my keys from the first shop I had gone into. I didn’t have a bag that day, just my keys and purse in my hand – not an unusual thing for me, bags annoy me sometimes! In all the time I’ve owned keys, I’ve again never done this, not even after a few drinks! 

So, I am genuinely quite concerned now. I feel like I’m forgetting to do the most simple of tasks. Things that people remember without thinking about. Apparently it’s quite common. I’ll talk to the psycho docs about it next week. Until then….


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