I told someone…

Today I actually told someone, other than close family and friends…. I have been diagnosed with bipolar. I didn’t think I was ready to tell anyone but yesterday I couldn’t not. I thought I’d be scared after but to be honest I felt open. I felt like I’d let out my dirty little secret and it was a weight off of my shoulders. Ok it was only one person but at least I know that person knows now. It was just a nice normal (no pun intended) conversation too. She asked a question and my mental health was the only way to answer, so instead of panicking, I just explained. Then the conversation moved onto something else as normal as any other conversation. I feel so relieved. Don’t get me wrong, she may have walked off and thought ‘oh no, she’s mental’ but I don’t think that’s the case. Another one of those – time will tell! 

I’m still not ready to blurt it out to the world but I’m glad I told one person 🙂 


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