Meditation – does it work?

So… today I tried to meditate. No only did I try. I wasn’t sitting on my sofa thinking I’ll have a go at this. I actually went to a meeting to learn about it. When reading about about my illness, I have found a lot of things that tell you to relax, to take time to yourself each day, to try to realise what it is that makes me anxious, panicky, manic, depressed and to try to work out why and how to overcome them. A lot of what I’ve read has come back to the Buddhist way of life and to meditation.  

Please bear in mind that I am the sort of person who likes a glass of wine. I smoke like fag ash lil although I’m always trying to quit and to be quite frank, I’m not your typical meditator or Buddhist or your typical anything to be honest. After reading up on things about Buddhism a few years ago I quite liked the idea of it. All the quotes I seem to like seem to be along this theme. When I read that meditation could really help my broken mind, I decided it was time to give it a go. 

So, I went to a Buddhist night and I tried to meditate. I think I did it. It felt nice. The thought of being able to turn my brain off for a while seems amazing. It’s something I think I’m going to practice. I’ll let you know how I get on…


4 thoughts on “Meditation – does it work?

  1. I love meditation and mindfulness. It really does help me a lot. I’d be happy to send some recommendations your way if you’d like to establish a home practice. The book I wrote about on my post today – the universe has your back has some good ones and a great perspective. 😊😊 happy to help in any way I can!

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      1. 7cups is a great app and website for both mindfulness meditations and support.

        I love relax and renew, walking meditations, and also if you have an iPhone, you can download iTunes university and search mindfulness or meditation – I think it’s Berkeley? Does a 30 minute guided meditation every week and they’re great. Anything by deepak chopra is awesome – he’s all over YouTube and everything. Awakening by ram Dass is a wonderful book that gives you some guidance toi

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