What’s interesting about me?

Ok, so today I went on the first day of a two day course – Well done me! I’ve been rather anxious in the lead up to it but I made it and wasn’t too anxious during it which is always a good sign! The bit that was a bit nerve wracking or more it took my mind off what I was meant to be doing, was the introduction. For the first ten minutes I was hating it. That dreaded introduction – name, where you’re from, relevant industry experience….. and something interesting about… me. 

Now, bear in mind, it has only been about a month since I have found out that I actually really do have mental health issues. I now take mood stabilisers or antipsychotics and antidepressants each day and I actually have my own psycho doc. Just over a month ago, I would have been a totally different person sitting in that seat. Six months ago, a different person still. I have lots of interesting facts, I have done lots of things. This morning, sitting on that chair as it came to my turn, all I could think was ‘and I am officially mental, I have a psychiatrist, I’m a wreck and you all think I’m normal’! Did that come out? Luckily not, I managed a simple ‘and there’s not really anything interesting about me’. They probably thought I was so boring, little did they know!!


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