I think I hit a high! 

I can’t be certain of it, after all, as I have previously explained, I don’t get my mood chart at all! But hey, I hit a +1 on the scale today, that’s got to be good isn’t it! I don’t know, I don’t know whether it’s bad cause it means I’m heading into something else. Am I meant to be normal all the time? No ones normal all the time are they? It’s all so so confusing. 

Time is a healer, give it time etc. There’s a lot of that being said at the minute. For my head I am learning that time does help. The more time tjat has been since that first doctors appointment, the more I can forget, even if just for a few minutes, that I’m mental! I was kind of normal this morning, doing normal ME stuff and it wasn’t until about 9am that I remembered that I was mental. Might sounds strange to you but that felt nice to me! I can see how people with bipolar think that can get by without meds etc, cause you start to feel normal and you forget that you’re mental. Reality would soon hit when you have to take another pill to keep you stable or you have to fill in how you feel today, how much sleep you got etc etc. I know that parts not forever, just getting a bit annoyed with it now! 

So, I hit a high and time is helping…. what’s next I wonder?! 


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