A normal day at last…

Yesterday was a normal day. I can honestly say that I felt quite normal all day long. My anxiety wasn’t so bad, I wasn’t so irritable, I was just quite calm. I’m so pleased I had a calm day again, I hope these calm days are back to stay – I really like the calm days. 

I constantly wonder why I am a bit low or a bit high. I wonder whether one tablet I forgot to take can really make that much difference or whether that one glass of wine really had an impact. I even wondered if the injection at the dentist could have had some sort of impact on my mood. I am keeping a mood chart so hopefully that will help me work these things out. 

It’s amazing how a few weeks ago I was the happiest person alive, I felt so confident, so strong. Then this time last week I felt like the most depressed person around – I couldn’t see a way out. Then today, I feel calm. It’s exhausting. How can I go through so many mood changes? One day at a time, I shall see what today brings…


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