Ticking the box…

Ok, so yesterday I had an appointment at the dentist – slightly different! I had to fill in the form as you do when visiting an NHS dentist after a while. This was fine, I can fill in forms easily. Then there was the question ‘are you receiving treatment from a doctor, if so what for’? The dreaded question. This was the first time that I had actually had to write down and admit to someone that I wasn’t really choosing to ‘I have mental health issues’. After I gave my form back to the receptionist I wondered if she was then reading it and looking at me thinking I was a psycho I hope not. 

I went into the dentist, for him to tell that my teeth were rubbish – I knew that! I need another three out. They’re at the back, it won’t notice – so I agreed to have one out that day. The dentist was horrible, like a strict headmaster. It’s strange though, he made me feel like a child, scared and apologetic, yet I kind of liked him! When I went back in after I’d been numbed, he was slightly nicer. I wondered whether he was being nice because he could see I was scared to have my tooth out, or because he had read my form and realised that I have ‘issues’. I guess I’ll never know. 

So I’m a tooth down, it’s ok though. I met a horrible nice dentist! I think he will help me to make my teeth better! I’ve never really liked a horrible person before! Strange…


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