Staying up late! 

So, last night was the first night that I actually stayed up later that my four year old in about a week! When I didn’t find myself falling asleep I was so impressed. Doesn’t take much at the minute eh! I felt rather good to be honest – got some washing done, all the fun stuff in life! Then I went to bed at a normal adult time – about ten! 

It sounds so silly when I think that only a few weeks ago, for the past few months I could have carried on with no sleep at all, yet now, I seem to need at least my eight hours, if not more. I’m hoping this means that I am starting to level out a bit. I do like my bed, so falling asleep at 8 with my little girl was not so bad, but I was starting to miss my hour or so watching adult things or reading a book. I’d like to stay awake till 10pm now please body clock!


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