The worst day!

Today has been the worst day! Up until today I thought I’d been having a bad couple of days. Today I realised that they were nothing compared to today. I have never felt so mental. Where did that calm person from last week go? I need that person back. Everyone needs that person back. After lots of ups and downs (ok, mainly downs) throughout today, I am finally calm enough to sit still. I honestly have spent the best part of the day feeling completely insane. Apparently my meds may need changing – off to see the psycho doc again in the morning. Just goes to show how quickly a person can change when their head is so messed up! I’ve been struggling today – I hope I don’t struggle like this for much longer…


2 thoughts on “The worst day!

  1. So sorry you’re having a horrid day & that you’ll need to tweak meds.
    I know what you’re going through in terms of feeling so bad. I’m also a mom/mum!
    It will get better.

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