The psycho docs! 

It’s been a strange couple of days. Firstly, I had to face some more demons – try to fix or at least apologise for what I had done over the past few months. That was horrible but I felt better knowing that I had done so. Then yesterday I had my first proper appointment with the psycho docs! That was hard. Just sitting in the waiting room was causing me to be so anxious. Then I had to sign to give others consent to discuss me – that made me feel rather mental! The actual meeting went quite well considering however I was more nervous than I have been in a long time. I spent some of the time wondering if they thought I was completely nuts or if they could see the sane woman sitting in front of them. Other times I wondered if they thought I was completely fine and wondered if they could see the anxious woman in front of them. I guess I still don’t know! I’m sure I’ll find out in time…


2 thoughts on “The psycho docs! 

  1. Thanks for the follow. Good luck with this new part of your journey. Blogging is a great idea I think. Just for what it is worth I don’t think there is a definition of ‘normal’ that can apply to us all. Maybe don’t worry too much about the ‘definitions’. You are you.
    I’m going to offer up a link here that you might find interesting/inspiring. See ya around.


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