I’ve taken my next tablet… it’s a mission just remembering to take them! The calming feeling is still with me, I like it. I can’t quite workout whether it’s a calmness or a numbness. I do feel things and I definitely know what’s good and bad, what makes me upset or what makes me happy, but I do feel a little numb to it. I feel like my emotions aren’t as extreme as they usually are. I wonder…is this how normal people feel? Is it just that I have normal feelings instead of extreme ones? It’s ok to have normal feelings – they are happy or sad, but they’re not enough to make you go to extremes in life! I like this feeling and if this is normal and how I will feel most of the time, this would be nice. A little boring I must confess, but much easier to cope with! This is definitely the first time I have felt like this in a very long time, it’s calming, it’s kind of numbing, it’s strange, but it’s so nice. 


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