When the normalness disappears again…

I can go months being ‘normal’… yes, I always have my quirks – my projects, my excited childlike ways, my down moments, but I can deal with them all because as a whole, I am normal. I fit in with the rest of society and other than the people close to me, no one really notices the quirks. Then, I fall, I fall hard. There’s not one specific thing, in fact if there is a trigger this time, then this trigger seems so pathetic it’s unreal. The hard thing is, no matter how pathetic, you can’t change the way you feel. You can’t stop that feeling, you can’t just feel better. People don’t realise how much something they say or do can affect someone else so much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong believer of making your own happiness. Whatever has been said or done, no one else is to blame for the way I feel. It’s up to me to change how I feel. The problem is, with my head, it’s not that easy.

This has been coming for a few weeks now, I just hoped I’d get through, knowing I was borderline an episode, and brush past it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to have happened. I’m ok, much better now than I was last week. Maybe that’s why I feel I can write something now – I don’t know. I have so many racing thoughts in my head and so much going on that I cant straighten them all out. I’m trying, I’m trying real hard. I know it’s hard for the people close to me to deal with me like this. It’s hard for me too. I just have to keep reminding myself that those normal days will be back soon. I probably still seem normal to most people. I’ve admitted to a couple of friends that I’m not quite right at the minute. That’s hard in itself. I said to someone the other day, I wish I could say ‘I’ve got another migraine’ or ‘my backs really playing up today’. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want either of those things wrong with me. But if that was why I didn’t want to go out or I couldn’t cope with life, people would just accept it and move on. When you say ‘my mental ness is worse today’ or ‘I just can’t handle it all today’ people expect you to just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and crack on. I try that and usually succeed but sometimes it’s impossible. Just like it would be impossible to just get rid of your migraine. I don’t know if any of that makes sense, but it’s helping me to write it down so hey ho!

Maybe I’m over it now, maybe it’ll get worse before it gets better? I don’t know – but I am looking forward to getting out of this feeling!


Obsessive thoughts

Why do I get so obsessed? So, with everything that’s been going on, I have been doing pretty well 🙂 I have been completely off meds for quite a while now and I have been coping quite well. I have my moments, but I also have great people around me to help and support me – I am one of the lucky ones 🙂 I obsess over things. This isn’t something that I’m coping with alone – my husband knows I do it – he often realised it before I do! My mum picks me up on it too – it’s good – they notice and try to help. The problem is, no one can help them stop. They are amazing – they understand me and help me deal with it, but no one can stop it. To be honest, I don’t know whether I want it to stop – yes I am doing that!

We are decorating at the moment. I can’t get decorating and doing the place up out of my head. It’s constantly there. What can I paint, what can I look up, what can I buy? On a good note, my obsessiveness did mean that I learnt to cut and put skirting boards up and it does mean we are getting everything done quickly! I imagine this is a bit like what it’s like to be on speed when I’m in one of these zones! I could be totally wrong though! So, I know that it’s taking over my life, I know I can’t think of anything else and I really want it to be done so that my head will stop and I can relax again! We haven’t got much more to do so I should be ok soon, but it’s just so weird. I will soon be obsessing over something else – it’s constant and so so tiring. I want a day off – in my head. I want my head to forget about it for one day. I’m sure my husband does too lol every day I have a new task! I’ll get there, I know. I know it’s a good sign that I recognise it, I just need to get better at dealing with it. Any ideas are welcome 🙂 xx


1 wedding and a funeral

I had my hen party tonight. I get married next week. I marry the love of my life and it is the most amazing thing in the world. What’s wrong then?

My granddad died yesterday. It’s shit. Weddings are stressful. I was getting to the point of stressing a little and didn’t know if it was bridezilla or bipolar. To be scared of your own head and feelings really is waft.

So, now I don’t know whether it’s grief, bridezilla, braveness or bipolar. I have no idea. I am trusting the people around me to kind of work it out for me but how can they know if I don’t even know.

I’m just scared. I’m hurt, I’m angry and I’m scared. Yet, I am marrying my best friend, the love of my life and whilst most brides would be getting nervous, that is the only part of my life right now that doesn’t scare me xx


Life is too hard

I’m having one of those days, one of those few days. I’m hoping this feeling is going to pass but at the minute it doesn’t feel like it. I know the reasons, I know the triggers and I know that I need to sort things out, let other things go and stop running away from problems. I’m sensible, I know all of this. But today it’s hard. Life is hard. I’m having one of those days when you feel like everyone thinks you’re useless, like you’re a bad person and like you don’t deserve happiness. Deep down I know that isn’t true and if someone told me all of that I would shout them down because I know it’s not true. But today, I feel it. 

I feel like everyone could be better without me. I feel like a burden and I feel like in order for me to get better and be ok I have to rely on people that love me to help me. Why should they? Why can’t I just be a normal person that can live life and get through it without constantly needing help and support from others to clean up my shit. It’s such a horrible feeling. I’m asking for the help, slowly, I am explaining and trying to sort things. That doesn’t make it any easier though. It takes so much guts to admit that you’ve messed up again and to ask for help to sort it out. So much guilt runs through me, so much sorrow and self pity. That doesn’t help – I know that. On the outside I seem completely normal. I don’t break down, not like I’m doing inside. 

I don’t know what the answers are. I’m tired of it. I thought I was ok. Every time I think I’m ok, one silly thing happens that most people just get on with. Not me, I can’t just get on with it. It breaks me and I have to get help and support to come out of it quickly before I descend into the darkness of my own mind. It’s so so horrible. 

The worst thing about me is that I make it worse for myself. I often create the stress. I need a thousand things going on, then when they’re all in full swing, I can’t handle them. I just wish I could stop all of this. I wish I could stop thinking, just for a day or two. I hate it all right now. I have everything to live for and amazing things are happening in my life. I have wonderful people around me and any normal person would really never be complaining. So why? Why can I not cope? Why do I feel like life is so hard? Why? Because I’m ill. Because I’m always going to be ill. I’m always going to have something wrong with me that makes me not normal. I thought I was getting used to that, accepting it. It seems I’m not 😦 


Off of meds

That’s rights, I’m officially off of all medication. After taking my first lot of tablets and wanting to kill myself, the doc changed them. The next lot of tablets helped me to put on two and a half stone in four months so I got them changed. To be fair these were probably the best ones but I couldn’t cope with the weight gain. So he changed my tablets – wonderful. This last lot made me want to crawl out of my own skin. I can only imagine that I felt how a heroine addict feels when they need their next hit, only I needed the hit out of my system. It was a horrible horrible feeling that I never ever want to experience again. 

So, the doc has allowed me to stop all medication for three weeks to see how I go. The thing is I know that I’ll be fine. I’m not quite normal and I don’t cope very well with money mainly but I’ve spent my life being like that so I know I’ll get through just fine. The second lot of tablets made it ok for me to open bills and meant I didn’t waste money on bingo sites, which I didn’t know was possible, but if that’s my biggest problem then surely I can deal with that – especially as I have loved ones around me that are willing to help and support me. If it means I have to be given an allowance rather than looking after my own money and get someone else to pay the bills for me, do I really need meds. Can I not go about it all another way? Yes I love more, I feel more, I get more anxious, but hey that’s the only me I know so I can handle that! 

The only thing that kept me taking those meds was the thought of another manic episode where I destroy my life. I couldn’t deal with that. I’m finding out my triggers, I’m asking family to help watch out for signs, maybe I will be ok. Maybe I won’t need meds. Or maybe I will be able to go years without them until someone has to March me down to the doctors or worse to the hospital to get my latest episode sorted. So long as I can trust people to do this, I’d rather stay off meds and just be, well…. me! 


In between tablets 

So, I went see my psycho doc a couple of weeks ago. He eventually agreed to change my tablets after I explained that I’d put on 2 and a half stone in four months and I was more irritable than I had been before tablets. I still haven’t taken my new tablets – I’ll be getting them today. I was too scared. I weened myself off of the other ones as the doctor had explained to do but I haven’t yet even got the prescription for the new ones. Knowing that something will change the chemicals in my brain again is scary. I don’t know whether they’ll change for better or for worse. I’m taking the gamble today – I’ll be starting my tablets. Right now at this second though, I am not on tablets. I can feel the difference. I definitely feel much more normal than I’ve felt in a while but I realise that my normal isn’t always good. I know I’m feeling too much, thinking too much, stressing too much. So I know I need to give these tablets a go. It’s not like I can’t cope like this – I have liked like this for the past 12-13 years, I can cope very well. I prefer that feeling of well, not so much feeling though. I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂 


Group therapy and psychiatrists! 

So… last week was the first of three group therapy sessions. I didn’t think it would go well and guess what… it didn’t! It’s not for me – that’s all I can say and I honestly don’t think it will help me in any way at all. It took everything inside me not to stand up shouting ‘this is bollocks’! Please excuse me language but that is honestly, exactly how I felt at the time! It seems that others in there felt exactly the same! Needless to say, I won’t be returning. 

Today was my psycho doc meeting – I have now learnt that he’s a psychiatrist – weirdly no one ever actually explained that. He’s the psycho doc to me! I told him how these tables had made me put on two and a half stone in four months and that I was more snappy and irritable than I have ever been. After chatting a bit (about a load of rubbish) he agreed to change my tablets. So now, I change my tablets and I wait to see what these ones do – fingers crossed they will just keep me normal! Back to the old ‘only time will tell’! I’ll keep you updated…